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The picture is not very good in quality
but it was taking shortly
after my diagnostic.
So many of you know me pretty well by now :) I am a very authentic person. I really dont have anything to hide, and I am very comfortable at being myself.  (Is that the same as being authentic?)  This said, I realize that you may know about me and my personality by now, but you really dont know about the most important people in my life: My family. My  husband Jay. Our four children, Nicholas, Sebastien, Zachary, and Angelina. Oh our dogs Shiloh and Tinky, and the cat, Scourge. So I decided that they deserve for you to know them a bit, because they are all so awesome!  

Jay.  His "real" name is John. People get confused sometimes, because they see his name is John, but they hear  me say "Jay". Maybe they think Jay is my boyfriend, since John is my husband. I guess that's why I never felt the need for a boyfriend?  haha  Jay and I met online. Our last intention was to "fall in love", as I was just looking for someone to help me learn English.  But we did. We fell in mutual  awe, respect, weirdness, and love. Isn't that beautiful. :) Jay is 58. He is a computer Engineer and works from home.  That has been a huge blessing in our lives, especially when it came time to have surgery, and the weeks after that. He never had to take time off work, because he was able to work wherever I was. We know how blessed we have been.    He is 19 years older than I am, but we never think about it. We don't see it either. Men are younger than their age anyway right? Shhhhh dont tell him i said that.  He is a big clown, literally. He is very tall, 6'7".  I am reminded of how tall he is when I am coming down the stairs and he waits for me at the bottom, and we hug when I am still 4-5 steps up.  haha

He likes coffee, read all the news sites known to men, hamburgers, and a good College Sport game.  He went to Catholic "St. Xavier" all boys Private High school and one of his favorite questions to ask anyone he meets is "Where did you go to high school?".  You actually would be amazed of all the info he got from that, and finding out that someone is the nephew of a now doctor of a classmate he had in 10th grade. hahaha  Jay and I both have a very sarcastic humor. Some people would consider it "sick" haha but we both totally understand each other and we have so much fun laughing together.

Our children:

Nicholas Alexander.  Nick.  He is 24 years old. He is Jay's adopted son. He does not live with us anymore.  He just got too tall and ate too much you know!! Nick was only 8 years old when I met his dad online.    He has known who his biological mom is for a long time, and still saw her occasionally until she passed away last year.  I always considered him my son. I never think of him as a step son. It was meant to be from the second I met him, sleeping and slobbering on a water bed and all. Haha  Same as my other children never considered, or called him, their half-brother. It was just an automatic, natural thing, for our family. Nick is tall, handsome, funny, charming, kind, and just wants to make people laugh, which got him in trouble at school so much! "Disrupting class" was his name tag.  Having A.D.H.D, he struggled so much in the past with school and other, and doing something like  this as always been such a dream to him, and I am so happy he finally seems to be in a happy place in his life right now. He lives with his girlfriend and a long time roommate of his, Ian.  I always saw in him this huge heart that just want to find its place, and I think he may of find it :)

Sebastien, in Philmont, New Mexico.
One of scouting's most challenging  adventure.
Sebastien David. Sebo. He is 18 years old.  He is a boyscout and just made the Eagle rank. He could'nt be happier, and we could'nt be prouder of him.  He has always been a "quiet" kid.  Quiet as of  needing his quiet, alone time, not needing tuns of friends or do crazy things to be happy.  Maybe "reserved" is a better word. Easily content and rarely bored.  He can get quite loud, as his natural favorite way to express himself is making lots of noises. haha Randomly start singing or talking with different accents, acting like a complete goof. He likes to photo bomb every time he gets the chance, with this very serious, dorky face that makes him not even look like him. haha   He is hilarious, got his parents sarcastic sense of humor (He learned well, maybe too much) and just laughs at things you would never expect a kid to.  He was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety at age 11.   His doctor was trying not to cry when he told her, one month after being on medication "I was afraid that the medicine would change me, that I would be like a zombie, or someone I am not, but its the opposite, I feel like I am finally alive, I am finally myself".  We were both in awe that  an 11 years old boy explained it so well. She asked me if she could use this "line"  to help other parents.  Sebastien is such an amazing young man. He is now straight A's. He is so mature on so many levels. It is such a joy to spend time with him.  I am his mother first, his friend second, but I truly feel this friendship. He knows he can come to me, or his father, with anything. And he does.  It could be anything, absolutely anything... that i ask him to do, and he does it. He never tries to get out of it, or complain. He is just an amazing child.   Did I mention that he is taller, and bigger than me now? He has been cooking quite often at home and wanted to be a chef by the time he was about 7 years old, but recently just decided it is just something he likes to do for fun. He is involved with Chorus and Theater at school. He loves it and is so very talented at it too.  He is unsure what he wants to go to college for at this time. He just knows he wants to go.  I have no doubts he will find his way. 

Zachary Matthew. Zac. He is 16 years old. He is another amazing young man. So caring, loving, generous, selfless, happy. Zac was always such an easy going, happy child. He never had a bad day.  I thought he was deaf when he was just a toddler.  I took him to the ENT and found out his ears were so full of fluids, that he heard as if he was underwater. He had surgery to correct this.  Later on, more problems emerged. He was diagnosed with CAPD, Short term memory loss, and the 3 types of Dyslexia.  CAPD is Central Auditory Processing Disorder, which I understand more than ever now.  He has had an IEP in place at school since he was in Kindergarten, which has been such a blessing.  I knew something was wrong with my child, that he was not "stupid" or "slow"!! We have never let Zachary let his learning disabilities be an excuse to get away with anything. He is a strong young man that has have to overcome many obstacles and work super hard to achieve the same level as his peers. I am so proud of him. He just wants to please everyone, make people smile. He cannot stand conflicts or frictions and will do all he can to fix it between friends, or even strangers.  He is such an honest, polite, and all around amazing person. Everyone loves Zac. He is so loving and so sincere in being so. Sometimes, I dont know how he learned to be so kind and considerate. He just is!!  He wants to become a "movie editor". He is very certain of his choice, has looked up and picked programs already. He wants to attend Vocational school next year as a Junior to pursue this. We are excited for him. 

Angelina Grace. Lina.  She is 13 years old. She is the only girl in the family, and the baby!! When I was pregnant, I was told I was having another boy.  I was disappointed at first, but totally happy in no time. Her name was going to be Gabriel Adam  haha We only found out that she was a girl at birth. It was quite the surprise! Even the boys were in tears of Joy when we told them that she was not a boy, but a girl! haha   She loves fashion, baking and craft.  For her birthday, and Christmas, all she wanted was a Kitchen Aid, baking pans, decorating accessories and all that stuff. She got it and could not of been happier.  She is very caring and has a very strong passion for people with Down Syndrom. Since she was 5 years old.. her eyes light up when she sees someone with the extra chromosome.  She goes absolutely nuts. She loves them so much!!  She wants to adopt all down syndromes babies when she grows up, without a husband (her words) haha She wants to be a special ED teacher.  She is mature beyond her years. She was  diagnosed in December 2015 with  EDS, a autoimmune disorder that cause autonomic dysfunction of the nervous system and can come with more disorders such as  Celiac Disease, several food intolerance such as corn, soy, chemicals and dyes in food, thyroiditis, sinus tachycardia (IST), POTS, joint pain and headaches, dizziness... and the list goes on.  She is a very strong little girl.  She has gone thru things that has amazed me on how she coped and her maturity level.  She has always been head strong and mature beyond her years, no matter how old she was.  She is very strong headed, but I hate to admit that she is very often right to be! When she really insists on something, she more often than not happen to be right. haha   I know that teen years with her will be quite different than with her brothers, but I have been exposed to the drama already so I "think" i know what's coming.  This aside, she is amazing, beautiful inside and out, and I am so proud to be her mother.

Everyday, I look at my kids, and feel overwhelmed with love and pride. Despite the fact that each of them deal with something that is out of their control, they are such amazing human beings and do not let these obstacles define them. You would never know by just looking at them.  Of course, once in a while, they drive me nuts, but over all, my heart swells with pride, and love, and rainbows and butterflies, you know!

Our "Beagle/Basset Hound" mix rescue, Shiloh.

Our rescue cat, Scourge.
Our "Jack Russel/Datchun mix' rescue, Tinky.

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