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First, I want you to read Ben's story.  The heartbreaking story of a beautiful Irish boy, who had just turned 6 years old, died after a series of events from this horrible brainstem monster. His grieving parents made the selfless choice to donate his organs.  I beg you to take a few minutes of your time and find the link for your country, and sign up to be a donor.  You can order a card to keep in your wallet , and also have your driving licence indicate that you are a donor.  You  may never know whom you can save, but you can know that your gift of life has no price, and you will not only have made the world a better place, but given hope to so many people.  

One of Ben's last picture...

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Unintentional Hero

Project Unintentional Hero is about creating the awareness of the need for organ donors while honoring deceased donors in a song & video out in June '14.

Read Ben's story and more about the project In the press.



You can buy the song on itunes here.

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