Why Dandelions

When I was a child, my dad would always bring home the first flower of the spring home. He knew exactly where to find it, behind the post office. Every single year, he did. It always made us so happy. It gave us hope that our cold 5 months long winter was almost over.  That flower? was a dandelion.

Why  calling this blog: “blowing dandelions”?  Simply because I am a firm believer of the power of choice. The power of attitude and how powerful  the mind is if you give it a chance.  Take the dandelion for example. It is considered a weed, much hated by most. Yet, if a small child come across one after it transformed itself into a mist of minuscule white flakes, we call it, a wishing flower”.
We have all done it.

We picked one up, closed our eyes, made a wish, and blew!  Havent we forgotten that this is, after all, a weed?   Why did it change? Why is it beautiful and full of happy memories all over sudden?  The flower didnt change, we did.

Life’s many hardships are like that to me. They are either viewed as weeds to fuss and complain about, or we can wait, wait   until we see some bright, white specs, make a wish, and blow!

Do you love?

I love. Simply. I really do… I love people, I love children, I love God, I love the stranger infront of me at the supermarket, I love animals, I love nature.

I am really weird like that…

I just… love!

Sometimes, i surprise myself looking at someone, someone I dont know. Someone i never saw before, and I wonder: “is this person happy? What is her/his life story? Who is he/she?” I feel my heart filled with this sweet emotion like… I am weird… really weird… but I think its because I just love.

I am a very compassionate person. I am very understanding of people and their situations, whatever it is. I am one of the least judgmental person I know. Truly. Weither you are my friend or not, whatever you do, I will not judge you. If you are indeed my friend, you got to be sure I got your back.  Unless you mess with my babies or my husband, we’ll talk about that. hahaha

I believe this is because I used to be a very religious person who has learned a lot.  I truly understand deep, personal struggles.  It takes a lot for me to not have compassion or/and understanding.  I truly understand both side, sometimes 3 or 4, of a story or situation. I am confident that I get on people’s nerves because of it.  I cant explain this… i just truly … understand….   Yet, my worse pet peeve is drama…. and its victims… I just C.A.N.T. stand it!   I am talking about people that has dealt with events that others have in this world, yet, manage to either 1) Blame their lack of emotional or physical achievement in life on their difficult past and remain forever victims, or 2) people that has it all made their whole life, or close, and every little things that goes “wrong” is viewed as a major hardship, a terrible event, and of course, a reason to pity themselves, and let the whole world know how miserable their “life” is.  Urgh!!

We ALL go thru our own personal hardships! They are all very unique to each individual according to our strengths, and weaknesses! Two people can go thru something very similar, but yet, it is much harder for one person than the other, simply because that very same obstacle is the biggest fear, or torment, of one person, but no big deal to the other!  We can never judge what someone is going thru.  We have to be there, with open heart and arms.  What I have a hard time do, is to offer support to someone that is clearly always a victim, no matter what.

Yet, somehow, I manage to offer support and advices. My motto to them is :if you refuse a solution, dont complain to me about the problem.  I say the same to my children.   Of course, not everybody comes to you wanting  a solution to their problem… sometimes, we just need to talk, to let it all out. I am talking about people who complain constantly about the “little” things in life, the same ones, over and over, and refuse to change anything about it.  Drives. me. crazy!

Un-victimize yourself and maybe your pain will actually give you something valuable in return. You don’t wake up strong. You make yourself strong, by choice, with your heart, your mind, and your will!! Your situations, your life, don’t care one bit  about how you feel, you only have the power to chose what will eventually bring you happiness.

Happy people… Let’s talk about happy people. Do you seriously think that happy people don’t have any problems to deal with, no hardships to go thru? Do you really think that someone that never complains, never do so simply because everything is perfect for them? Do you really really think that we’ve got it all made, all the time?? OR maybe, just maybe, do we actually choose to be happy no matter what. Okay, we don’t live in a third world country, and my husband doesn’t beat me, but do you really think that happy people’s lives are always perfect and free of troubles? Hellooo-ooo we live in the same world you do, eat the same food, have the same worries, same fears, same money to burn, and we, also, only have 24 hours in a day. That said, we also have kids to keep happy and raise well, we hurt sometimes, we get sick too, we run out of money; Oh, you know what? We work!!! We work hard! because that’s what we are all suppose to do!

The things I went thru in life, you might not have, but you have been thru your own dilemmas and you either chose to see it as an opportunity to grow and learn, or you pitied yourself for an undetermined amount of time, convincing yourself that your life is so hard compared to everybody else you know. If you chose the second, you will never , ever be happy.

I am not claiming to be a strong person, always happy and free of victimization. Hey, I am human too. We all need our “poor me” moments; that, I’m sure, but we can’t just stay there, pretending that our life sucks. Because, well, it doesn’t!!! When we “think” that our life sucks, we have to realize two things: 1) We are choosing to see it this way and 2) that choice makes up for 80% of our happiness/misery, depending of what that choice is.

There is always worse in life, and there is 99% of the time always better!

When life sucks, view it as a dandelion: the weed that it is; or, be patient, it will turn into a light and bright wishing flower.

Dandelions will always be a symbol of hope, like the single one my father would bring back, peeking thru the snow. Its a symbol of thankfulness and the power of choice, the ability we have to see the best of everything. 

I chose to Blow the dandelion,

and its a beautiful thing.


  1. Very beautiful...made my heart fill full of love and joy. You are an amazing woman..

  2. aww thank you Bryan! Not sure what to answer to that. I am a very normal, simple person

  3. I sure did think of my father , mother, and childhood freiendsas we all scrambled to gather them.