Monday, January 16, 2017

Recovery Updates

I just realized recently that my updates posts about recovery are probably really hard to find if someone just stumbled on my blog recently. I don't want anybody to have to dig thru post, and waste time reading posts that is not helpful! So I quickly found some recovery updates that I wrote and will post the link on this page. I am way overdue for a new update!! I did not write an update post after the one year mark, but I posted a lot about my lasting deficits and how I deal with them, but I realize that a real update could be helpful!! It will also show me how far I have come :)

The first 5 days following surgery
Post op and ICU

Acute Inpatient rehabilitation stay
Neuro Inpatient rehabilitation unit

6 weeks later update
How Am I doing? Very well thank you!

3 months later
Progress Updates

10 months later
10 months post op update

One year
One year in retrospect

Four years
Four years, is that even possible?

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