Monday, September 21, 2015

Prayer request!

I received a message last night from a woman looking for some answers and hope for her husband, Teimor, who had a CalMal removed from his brainstem on August 27th. Dr.Spetzler performed the surgery. He is still at St-Joseph and will start Rehab tomorrow. Teimor cannot breathe on his own, eat, or talk. He is completely dependent for his care. Progresses has been slow and it is a very scary time! His wife is with him in Arizona, but they have 2 little girls waiting back home. I have been sharing my journey and the one of others with them to bring them some hope and encouragements, but if you could please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and also share your own story in the comment section to encourage them, that would be so wonderful!! heart emoticon 


  1. I just saw this post. How did things turn out for Teimor?

  2. He is having difficulty sitting straight, standing, walking. That has been difficult. He is also dizzy. He is happy to be alive. However, progresses are consistent and he is hopeful that everything will keep getting better.