Sunday, December 28, 2014

XINO Hearing Aids... a tease?

I saw the Audiologist for a hearing test and tinnitus assessment last week.  After the test, I saw the E.N.T, and he talked to me about the results.  I have both hearing loss and tinnitus hearing loss, and severe tinnitus, of course.   That that means, is that I do have some "physical" hearing loss, but my Tinnitus is loud enough to give me even more hearing loss.  It makes sense... try to hear your environment with a loud siren in your head... ah!

They both told me that I qualified for this new type of hearing aids especially for people with these type of hearing losses.  Just to think that I could hear better AND have relief from this, put tears in my eyes. I know that I will never ever experience complete silence again, but just to think of "some" type of relief, is a bit overwhelming right now.   Here is a short video about it:

If you are curious about Tinnitus and how it sounds, click this link
and listen to the sound file "Tinnitus, example 1" , and the 4000 Hz Tone, which is mine.   I hear that noise, and 2 others a little less loud and different tones, all the time.  It is worse at night, because there are no other noises around me to "cover" the sounds a little bit. They are always there, but when that is all I hear, they appear louder.   Jay bought me a white noise machine for Christmas last year. I cried when I opened it, because it means so much to me that he thought of finding something like that for me.   I have been sleeping with it on my head, litteraly. My left ear is where the loud one (between 2000 and 4000 depending on the day) is.   It really helps.   It fall of my head of course, but I am able to fall asleep before it does. haha 

I took this picture to show my "Tinnitus Support Group" peeps how I use it.

There are a lot of different type of white noise machine out there. Some even play beach noises, rain and a lot more. Mine has different tones that sounds like wind, fans and that kind of things, all in one.  For some reason, music is very bad at helping with tinnitus. No matter what, I can always hear the tinnitus, even with this machine glued to my ear... and with music, its just natural instinct to want to hear it and enjoy it, but the tinnitus makes that impossible. So just white noises are better for that.  

These Xino hearing aids are completely customized and it just sounds awesome. They are small and sexy, too. hahaha 

These hearing aids are like a mini computer (the gray box) which the cable goes around the top of your ear, into the part that goes inside your ear, is clear and practically invisible.  These hearing aids are super cool and gosh I can even say Sexy. haha The thought of hearing better plus somehow having a white noise machine constantly following me around is almost orgasmic to think about, so hey I will just call it sexy. It would be weird if I just explained to people that my hearings aids are giving me orgasms... even if I bet that's "almost" how it feels.  Ok, I  got way side tracked here...

*Clear throat*

 I "qualify" for this. Which apparently not all "tinnitus sufferer" do... but here is the problem... its EXPENSIVE and not covered.  It is about 2500$ per ears.   I just feel like I have been showed something I cannot have. I have been teased. I felt horrible enough that my new vision required me to get some "special' lenses that costed my poor husband, who works his ass off, 600$. Two days later I was told I "need" 5000$ in hearing aids....     Oh, I also learned that Tinnitus as loud as I have it, is proven to cause cognitive impairments! 

Man all of these "issues" works with one another don't they!  

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