Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Successful Brainstem Neurosurgeons

In the past year, I have been researching, following other people brainstem surgery recovery, and asking fellow survivors with a great outcome,  whom their surgeons is/was.  This is the list of Neurosurgeons that I came up with.    These Neurosurgeons have several Brainstem surgeries under their belt, and the patients that I read about, or follow the recoveries, are not only "alive", but are home, and have a very good quality of life.  When faced with a brainstem surgery, nobody expects to come out completely like before, with no deficits to deal with at all, but to be able to go home and become independent again is more than some of our "local surgeons" told us.   My Neurosurgeons here in Cincinnati gave me a 1% of never dying or becoming severely handicapped or a vegetable, and a 95% chance of becoming totally dependant, nursing home material, IF I was ever to have the surgery.   Finding Dr.Spetzler, or a confident, competent, surgeon, turned that 95% completely around!!  

That said, if for some reason  you cannot get to Dr.Spetzler, here are other surgeons around the country that you can see. These surgeons are amazing.  Dr.Spetzler has the biggest success as to be able to remove the entire Cavernoma with little permanent damage. He is simply that good, because that is all he does.    The other surgeons are very successful at accessing the brainstem, removing all or most of the cavernoma, and people go on to recover pretty well.    PLEASE do not just sit home and wait for your brain to bleed and leave you handicapped or dead simply because YOUR neurosurgeon cant help you.  Be  proactive and get to one of those surgeons! !


Barrow Neurological Institute, St. Joseph Hospital ,
Phoenix, ARIZONA
**Retiring 2016) Recognised as the best Neurosurgeon in the world, originally from Germany**

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA
**is to take Dr.Spetzler direction position at Barrow when Spetzler retires**

Dr Steinberg 
Stanford School of medicine,

Dr. Arthur Day
University of TX Medical school,  
Houston, TEXAS

Dr Christopher Ogilivy 
Beth Israel hospital,

Dr David Newell
Swedish Cherry Hill,  

Dr Robert Solomon
Columbia University Medical Center,
New York City, NEW YORK

Dr. Eric Nussbaum
John Nasseff Neuroscience Specialty Clinic,
Saint Paul, MINNESOTA.

Dr. James Evans
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

Dr Mark V Reichman
Neurology Surgical Associate
Salt Lake City, UTAH


Mr Neil kitchen
University College University Hospital,  
London,  ENGLAND

Miss Mary Murphy
University College London Hospital, 

Mr. Ravi Gopal Verma 
M.S. Ramaiah Medical Hospital, 

Bangalore, INDIA

Please, if you have had brainstem surgery, and you would like to suggest your Surgeons because you are satisfied with your recovery, Please email me at