Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nicole, a beautiful 15yo girl needs our prayers

Please pray for this beautiful girl. Her parents were told "inoperable" several times and she did not have surgery (yet). She is now fighting for her life in ICU, after suffering a major brain hemorrhage due to her brainstem AVM. Her mom has been following this page since the beginning and we have talked often. My heart breaks so much as they are now going thru what her worse fear was a year ago... As you know, most people with this condition will never "bleed", but this sweet girl did.... Please pray for her. Here is what her mother wrote: 

"This is my beautiful daughter Nicole. She is 15 years old. At age 6 she was diagnosed with an AVM in the brain stem, that was her first bleed. Her second bleed was at age 8 and after that bleed she had Gamma Knife. She didn't have another bleed until age 13 but she had her 3rd and 4th bleeds 7 months apart. Nicole always recuperated after all bleeds with very minor temporary issues and soon resumed a normal life but on 3/22/14 Nicole had a 5th bleed and it was a big one. Neurosurgeons had to do an emergency cranial decompression to save her life. She has now a trach and still depends on the ventilator. Yesterday they removed the EVD from her head. She is able to swallow but for now not able to eat or drink by mouth because it is not going to the right place. She is so depressed and I pray for strength to be able to support her. I know God is with her and will guide her through this and heal her. When she gets better I want to take her to Dr. Spetzler and see if he can help her. Thank you all for your support and your prayers. God bless you and all your families."

We have 2 beautiful persons fighting for their lives in ICU with Trach and Ventilator right now, Crystal and Nicole, due to this awful condition, that all of us didn't know about until it happens to us or someone close to us.  My heart breaks for them and their family. Please pray that Nicole gets strong enough soon to receive Dr.Spetlzer care.

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