Friday, March 21, 2014

You, yes you!

Hello  my loves,

Lately, my "blogger" stats is telling me that I have over 400 visits a day.  It has just
slowly gone up months by months. I would still do this blog even if it was 1 a day. Heck even zero a day, if that meant one person would one day stumble on it and find answer and support!!  I don't do what I do for a visit or that counter to go up. I don't even publish it because that is not important to me.  HOWEVER, I would love if i heard from you more. I don't mind not getting comments. That is not why I write this blog either.  If you ever tried to contact me, and i never answered, I promise you I didn't get it, and there is a glitch somewhere.  But sometimes I wonder, where are my readers from? Is this blog helpful? Is this blog answering questions? What can I do better? What would you like me to write about?    Do not hesitate to contact me :)~  

My email is  


That brain fart lady that loves dandelions


  1. Jamie from Iowa here ;). I read your blog at least three times a week. I found it three months after I was diagnosed with a cavernoma malformation in the Pons of my brain stem. I feel as though God led me to it. I have joined your support group and it has helped me begin to accept what has happened to me because there are no others that I can talk to that are exactly like me. I have also directed my blog followers to your blog. I hope that many of them are checking it out too. I know my family and closet friends do for sure so you are probably quite popular in Iowa!

    1. Thank you so much Jamie! I am so happy that you found the blog, and the groups. It helps so much!! The support group only had a dozen members when I asked to join! It grew to where it is today and its a God sent!! I adore your blog and I added it on top of my top bar last week, i dont know if you noticed!! I want to make sure people see it!! Keep writing!!