Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Update on Erin!!!

Tonight, I want to take a few minutes to update you on Erin!

I got these updates off of her public Facebook Page: Erin's dizzyland. If you would like to receive her updates in your feeds, just like her page :)

Sunday, she posted this: 

"Good afternoon everybody! I am going to try and give a good update on how things are going. Please don't be discouraged or think I am. . . Right now I am considered a hemiplegic - I have movement in my right side, but very little in my left. They think they will get my left knee to work again, but probably not the foot. I can push my foot down, but can not pull it up or side to side. They said if they get my knee functioning that with a brace on my foot I should be able to walk short distances. They don't know if I will walk long distances or need a wheelchair I.e. Walmart, mall, etc. They are hoping to get my left elbow and shoulder moving also, but are still unsure at this point. I was told that if we get my shoulder and elbow moving I will probably always be clumsy in the hand. I laughed and said people won't know a difference. As of right now my left hand has zero percent movement on its own. They have given me tests for my thinking and for a brain surgery patient I am pretty good, but compared to most I am foggy. I say this to ask you to please be patient and understanding if I don't remember something or just can't seem to understand you. Sorry for the long update. You guys take care."

Pictured in what she calls "her new ride", with the man of her life, Mike, who has been disabled since childhood. 

Yesterday, Erin posted: "First time I have moved my arm since surgery! ! Also they reevaluated my eating and told me I could have anything I want to eat. I ordered peanut butter and jelly  I am cleared to eat normal foods instead of just soft food again. Also my OT can tell I really want my movement back and asked if they ever have free time can they grab me and I said of course. Getting an extra 30 minutes today. God is good!"

Erin is staying at the Acute Inpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation center, In Phoenix. The same Rehabilitation center I attended. I consider it the best place on earth. I am not kidding!!!   There she is, learning how recover some movement and to use her left arm. Erin, you got this girl!!

Fun story. My husband Jay once laid down on one of these green mat (they are several in the room), stroked a pose, and shouted "I am waiting for my massage!!" hahaha  These people are so human, so friendly, and it never mattered what jokes, and when, it was always very much welcome and never taken the wrong way.  It was great.   Back to Erin! 

Here she is, walking with assistance.  Go Erin!!

She is undergoing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech therapy.  Speech therapy is not only for speech, but it is also where you train back your cognitive functions.  In our brain, it's all related.  It's in speech therapy that I had to memorise lists, and focus so hard on stuff I had a headache by the time I was done. haha 

This is her latest message. She posted that today:  

"Today I had rehab from 8-12, then 12:30-1:30. We took an hour of yoga during that and it was nice. Tomorrow they have my review to decide how long I should be here. We also get to participate in 1 hour of gardening tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that. I am only required to take 3 hours of rehab, but take extra so I can get those results we are praying for. Thank you all for your continued prayers, they strengthen me every day!"

Last but not least, here is Erin's dirty picture.  (I had to say that *snort*)  

Bad Ass!! She is kicking ass alright, and I am so proud of her.

Excuse my language tonight. I am drunk... on mints... i think i chewed too many :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. This rehab is amazing and I completely agree about the headaches with all those lists. I hate repeating the numbers backwards. Every day is better than before our at least I keep telling myself that.