Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eviction, this friday! Pray for Tony!

A few weeks ago, I shared with you this video:

It is by a New York Artist, Tony Thompson. A Super talented 28 years old young man with a Cavernous Malformation, located in the brainstem, in the Pons. It has now bled three times in 2 years and a half. Each time, he pulled thru and recovered.  He was also told he would just "keep bleeding, never know when, and how much".  Tony found Dr.Spetzler and sent him his MRI.  You know it, he is having surgery. This Friday, February 21st.    I know that everyone I introduce you become dear to you. I also know  how important it is to keep Tony and his family in our thoughts and prayers thru this!

Its been almost a year since my surgery!  I am more and more using this blog to build awareness, to educate people who are told "inoperable" the best I can, to reassure them that there IS hope! Less and Less you will hear about my recovery, but more about the ones of others.  I know you care, because you are fantastic like that.

This time, I want you to pray for Tony.   He is SO ready to get this behind him and go thru recovery.  I know how helpless it feels to recover from a bleed.  Its the will to live and get better, but knowing at the back of your mind that all this time and effort will be to start over sometimes. And over, and over... until BOOM, too late... Bleeds are like Strokes. You never know how big they will be and how it will affect you, especially in the brainstem, because they brainstem controls so much.  Its the cord that connects the monitor to the computer :)   Some doctors call them bleeds, some others always call them strokes, because technically, they are.

However this time,  Tony will wake up, and be stronger than ever in his mind. Confident, happy!   I have no doubts about that and I cant wait for him to experience this feeling.  I never felt so strong in my mind, when my body was at its weakest!

I will be updating That Brain Fart facebook page as I get updates on Friday and the following days.

Last week, he cut his beautiful long hair to get ready for surgery, but mostly to donate it to Locks of Love. He is such a wonderful, kind hearted, loving spirit talented guy. He deserves all the support you, my wonderful people, can give him.

I know you will!

Go Tony! Evict that sucker and get back on top once and for all  :)


  1. Yes! I am praying that God will guide the hands of the surgeons. That his Presence will be strong in Tony, and he will bring healing and wholeness to Tony, who he loves so much.

  2. God bless Tony! I also have a CM in the Pons of my brainstem that bled for the first time nearly four months ago. I am 32, 33 weeks pregnant, and mom of three. I am excited to read about your recovery.