Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thank you, prayer warriors!

This message from Jeff says it all:

I had brain surgery on January 14th and I was released from the hospital yesterday, on January 17th.

It was an amazing procedure. In a little over 6 hours, I had the cavernoma removed from deep within my brain, in my thalamus brainstem area – a spot where many Doctors had said was “inoperable” and “too risky.” At the same time, I was also being told that if I had another bleed in this area, it would be devastating.

I am so happy to have had it removed successfully. Thank you all for your prayers! Your prayers led me to Dr Spetzler at St Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona, and guided his hands through my surgery.

Dr Spetzler is amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that God is using him as an instrument to help patients like you and me. His smile and face is so humble. Before I went under anesthesia, I told the surgical team in the operating room that hundreds of people, if not more, were praying for them.

When I woke up after my procedure, I immediately felt better. I could feel the pressure was gone. I had no new symptoms, and I could tell that my previous deficits were already somewhat better.

When I was able to speak with Dr Spetzler for the first time following my surgery, I asked him how the operation went. He said it was an extremely difficult procedure, but it went very well. In fact, he said that it could not have gone better! I told him that a great deal of people where praying for him and he said, “I know, I could feel it”.

Unfortunately, Dr Spetzler is retiring in 2016. If you are in need of treatment, I fully recommend that you set up a consultation visit and have him review your condition. There are truly no words to describe how wonderful he is, but ‘miraculous’ is up there. Pray for him the whole time. Ask God to guide him. We can even set up prayer chains on FaceBook (an unintended use of FaceBook, I’m sure).

I am so Thankful to Lisanne for sharing her story and Dr Spetzler’s information. I am also very thankful for my sister, Mary, for praying while she researched Doctors for me and, through God, stumbling upon Lisanne’s blog. Thank you all – your prayers and support will continue to guide me on my road to a successful recovery.

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