Monday, January 6, 2014

Meet, and pray, for Crystal

This is Crystal.  A few months ago, she sent me a message on facebook after finding my page and seeing that I have had surgery for my brainstem Cavernous malformation. See, she has one too, and her too, was told inoperable.  I encouraged her to seek different opinions and she found a surgeon in Florida who offered surgery. He studied under Dr.Spetzler. This was perfect for her, as having insurance issues, going to Arizona seemed impossible, among other things.  However, Crystal needs a first surgery to get her ready for the Craniotomy to resect the cavernoma, which should be later this year. She is having that "getting ready" surgery tomorrow morning!!  I would appreciate it so much if you keep her in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, and the following weeks, as she recover for this and gets herself top shape to have this cavernoma removed! I will keep you informed of her progress. I am so happy that she is moving forward and that she, I have no doubts, have her life back!! I cant wait for her to be healthy again. She is more than ready for the ride, but lets pray its as smooth as possible for her. She has a beautiful young daughter :)

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