Wednesday, January 15, 2014


know you  waited 24 hours, but good things come to those who wait!!   I will go straight to the point!  Here is a message I got from Jeff's daughter with permission to share with you all. 

"My father is a miracle. After his long operation yesterday, today he has been up and 

walking around the ICU with no monitors connections. They removed his oxygen 

and all he's working on are simple breathing exercises. They are currently managing his 

pain levels. My dad does not show any signs or symptoms of deficits, which we were told 

should be expected after a traumatic brain surgery such as my dad's resection of his 

cavernous malformation. His major side effects prior to surgery were balance issues,

dizziness, lost of taste, and slurred speech when he was tired. Today he says he can feel 

the pressure in his head has been removed. He's walking with strong signs of balance, no 

dizziness, clear speech and his taste has improved. We're waiting on Dr. Spetzler to make 

his rounds, but we know that he is going to be extremely pleased with my dad's results.

The power of prayer is extremely evident during this entire experience. God has shown 

his work through Dr. Spetzler. We thank every single person personally and from the 

bottom of our heart for their mass amount of prayers. We can feel all of our blessings and

love from right here in St. Joseph's Hospital Neuro Tower."

Ok let me grab a few more tissues. 
*Toss previous tissues in garbage* (well not really, tossing next to me, like a 


*Grabs tissues*

I have to thank you for reading my previous post, being touched by Jeff's 

story and  praying for him as you did. My post and the facebook prayer requests 

reached over 1000 people all together.

In case you missed, Jeff lives in New York and made the trip to Phoenix, Arizona,

to have a cavernous malformation removed from his Thalamus, located right 

above the 

brainstem and labeled as inoperable due to how close of the brainstem it is!

You did it again, Dr.Spetzler, you did it again.  

Dr.Spetzler holds the worldwide record of the most successful aneurysms "clipping" in the world.  # 6000 as of last year.

Jeff surgery was a success, but that does not mean you get to quit praying :) They 

are working, so keep praying :)  xoxo

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