Thursday, December 19, 2013

Please help!!

Hi my dearest people whom I love!! haha (did that make sense?)

I will come shortly to post an update, but for now, I really want to encourage you to go on this page, and read this little boy's story. He lives in Kenya.  In August, his father contacted my husband and I, after finding that I had brainstem surgery at the Barrow Neurological Institute. His son was diagnosed with a Cavernous Malformation and was also told Innoperable. His son's condition is deteriorating very fast and as they were losing hope, we offered him to send his son's MRI to Dr. Spetzler. My husband put the file on a disk, and sent it. Shortly after, the father received a letter from Barrow (pictured on the page) that he could do the surgery. However... the parents have to pay for the whole thing by themselves.  

Brian, 8 years old, before his brainstem cavernous malformation started bleeding disabling him

Guys, I know its Christmas and you have all be spending crazy money, some of which you dont even "have"...but if you could find in your heart to give one more 20$, or 10, or even 5... What's that more??   We have to save this little boy. Beleive me, that story has been verified by a Patients advocates agency thru different organizations that are trying to help him too. If money was the only obstacle to have your child's life saved, you would feel both helpless and angry! I know I would. There HAS to be a way.  It can takes months and months for these agency to finally find an organisation or way for a child like this to travel and have the surgery , all paid for... but Brian doesnt have months and months.  This Cavernoma is disabling him , same as it did me... until there are no returns!

Brian with his mother, after his first bleed. He has since had another one. 

PLEASE HELP HERE=====>  Brian's fundraiser page

In that light, i want to THANK all of you who lighten up our own burden by donating to my own fundraiser.  You have no ideas how much this has helped us. My heart fills with gratitude. I can never thank you enough. I cant imagine knowing what could save me, what could save my child!! and not being to have it done because i dont have the money.

Just think... if this could reach 200 000 people, which is so easy in today's social media and world, and everyone gave just 1$... this child's life would be saved!!

I love you guys.