Friday, August 30, 2013

A bunch of sickos

You all know that I am now officially screwed up in the head :)~ I always knew that, but its now official. I mean, I can feel the screws, so dont need to be nice, I can't deny this one. Hehehe

 So I am screwed up... and its been a house full of sickos... the stomach virus that is. Holy Moly... Fun times... It started with me, then Zachary (He missed school yesterday and is home today) and now Angelina (she is home today)... now to see who else is going to get it. I am hoping that the oldest son, the husband and the mother in law wont get it, but when it comes to stomach bugs, that is more than wishful thinking.

This hit me hard!! I will never forget what it feels like not being able to move at all, or walk, or just to be very very weak.  My legs never regained their super strong strength, yet, but this bug got me drag my feet. That makes me think... I miss having strong legs. I know I'll get there again, but I was always so active! Gym, walk, run, hike; on my feet all day long. However, I was told that is why I didnt take a year to walk again, so I will never, ever, ever complain about that. If I didnt have the leg muscles that I had, who knows maybe I'd still be using the walker. So... when i feel sad for myself that I cant run, or that a simple fast pace walk kills my legs, i remember how much weaker they could be, and I am thankful! If being sick is what it takes to really see how blessed I am, so be it :)

I started walking the dogs every night for about 20 mins. They love it, of course, and its a very big workout for me. I would be tempted to bring my cane if it was not from having to hold the leash. I never use my cane unless i have to walk fast (as i need support) or i am having a very bad day, which is getting rare. However, the dogs pull the leash just enough for me to have to hold one and somehow they balance my lack of balance. hahaha Let's call it Self Home Therapy. Who needs outpatient therapy anymore! haha

Well, I have to take care of my sickos. I hope they never get screwed up in the head like their mother, but i will deal with them being sickos :)

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