Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Please Pray for a future fellow Cavernous Malformation survivor II

Update!!! Chrissy decided not to go thru with the surgery at this time. I will keep you posted :) 

A few months ago, this incredible young woman contacted me via this page  She found out she had a cavernous malformation in 2005, as a young lady in her early twenties. She too, has been told by her doctor that it was inoperable. She did what I did, and just went home. Hearing about Dr.Spetzler thru this page, she took her own health into her own hands and had a new MRI done last May and sent the results to Dr.Spetzler. You guessed it, he came back with a confident "Operable", his assistant even telling her that if she was his sister, he would tell her to have the surgery. It does involve some risks, but he is very confident she will be ok and will not need rehabilitation. Her Cavernoma is on the upper spinal cord. She is flying from West Virginia to Arizona tomorrow and her surgery is July 12. I am asking you to please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Its nerve wracking and even though I have full confidence in God and Dr.Spetzler, the power of all of us coming in prayer together is powerful. I have no doubts that my surgery and recover would not of been this amazing without all of you thinking and praying for me. Pray for a successful surgery, but also for Chrissy to feel at peace, and know that she will be ok. Pray that she doesn't have too much pain and can go home sooner than later. As strong as she is, she needs support right now  I will let you know how she is doing as soon and often as I can!

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