Friday, May 3, 2013

She is home :)

I forgot to let you know Mary's surgery went great!  She was in the ICU 2 days, regular room 1 days and HOME day 4!!    The surgeon is not sure he removed it  all but here hoping that if there are some left, its going to just "die".  She had surgery in the thalamus, in the mid brain on top of where the brainstem is. It is pretty deep!  She woke up numb but was walking the next day and did not  need inpatient rehab. I am so excited for her. That doesnt mean that its easy, far from it, but that means her body is strong and imagine what it will do in 6 months  from now.    Her right side is having some nerve pain and she is having some vision issue, but other than these two she is doing good.   Thank you so much for praying for her!!  Here to say she didnt wait for it to rupture or burst; she found a surgeon, and prevented tragedy :) I am so proud of her.  

Cheer everyone!

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