Friday, February 8, 2013

Neurosurgeons "gods"

Dr.Robert Spetlzer
Barrow Neurological Center
Phoenix, AZ

These 2 doctors I am going to see are basically so talented at what they do that they are both considered among the best in the entire world.  Dr. Spetzler (pictured) grew up in Germany, and Dr. Lanzino in Italy, but they both came to the United States to specialize in Brainstem conditions and surgery after their basic medical training.  I first heard from Dr. Spetzler; he is the one that offered a surgery as soon as i want it; caught me off guard as I have been told for almost a year now that this was inoperable.  He practices at the Barrow Institute, In Arizona.   I am going to see Dr. Lanzino on March 6th, at the Mayo Clinic, in Minnesota. 

(update: I didnt get to see Dr.Lanzino, as I ended up in the hospital February 18th and traveled to Arizona to have surgery by Dr.Spetzler March 1st: Read here) 

Dr. Giuseppe Lanzino
The Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN
Oh, what is funny, is that Dr. Spetzler is considered the best in the country regarding my condition but Dr. Lanzino studied with him in Arizona and then moved to Minnesota, and they wrote  book together!! So cool!   I am so curious to see if they both agree that i need / can have the operation. If Dr. Lanzino agrees with Dr. Spetzler…. I think that will just confirm that this is the best decision…. why would the 2 best surgeons suggest it as a good option if its not a good idea? 

I grew up in the middle of nowhere. You can see my house there. It is the third one among those 5 that you can see.  This town is in the middle of miles and miles of forest, from all directions. We HAD to drive long distance for everything.   Driving to get things done is not a big deal for me.  I know some people who would simply say “oh, i dont have any specialists near me, there is nothing that can be done for me” so….. go find them?     Unless you are suicidal, why wouldn’t you drive for 12-20 hours? You dont HAVE to fly if money is an issue!  Unless its 4 days drive away, with gas price, you may as well take the plane. But at least, GO.
Kedgwick, NB

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